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Thanks very much to the Ottawa XPress for making us an XPress pick and for giving us a positive album review.

Versions of Happiness earned 3.5 stars out of 5 and the following review:

“What emerges from Arms of the Girl’s EP is a strong sense of musicianship, as most of the songs effectively rely on Carolyn Côté’s sturdy and nuanced vocals, reminiscent of a healthier, less raspy, Alannah Myles, as well as on David Cutler’s playful guitar, Afton Penny’s rockin’ bass and Chris Zimmerman’s muscular drums. For their bluesy, twangy rock, the song selection is perfect. Côté’s delivery is sweet and sour on the lovely The Easiest Hangover, it calls the world to action on Mutiny, and it comes off as beautifully subtle on the breakup song Second Best. These versions of happiness are definitely making this guy quite happy.”