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AVIedit allows you to watch video, and captures single frames and entire movies. You can enhance your videos using more than 30 built-in effects, adjust contrast, sharpness, and inappropriate Potoshop rate.You plugins you can import bitmaps, and Targa sequence images of a single movie, print them and export to animated GIF-.

Torrent Size: 14 Mb



Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Recording
Version: 3.39
Size: 14 mb
Developer: AM Software

EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise Free Download

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EMCO MSI Package Builder EnterpriseEMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise torrent

EMCO MSI Package Builder is a must tool for network administrators who want to make their cli euml custom installation files, Hydrants when installing different applications on their machines. EMCO MSI Package Builder you can build to your requirements. Customized MSI installation You can now custom installation in a few minutes using EMCO MSI Package Builder without complex scripting; really hear MSI builder. You can make with just a few clicks of the mouse your installation; all you need to know about the installation that you want to package files. EMCO MSI Package Builder provides a project-based interface that makes it easy for you create to manage different MSI installation project. You can also catch the setup and build your own custom installation based on it.

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Review: EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise is a program that can automatically generate Windows installers, based on the given parameters. Thus, MSI files can be installed on remote computers, without needing the users attendance. The interface of the application is clean and simple to navigate through. The easiest way to start a new project is by using the wizard. So, you can create a MSI package which is based on real-time monitoring results or the installation settings available in the Project tree view. General MSI package attributes can be set when it comes to the file name, project name, manufacturer, language, version, user availability (for current or all users) and system reboot status. In addition, you can edit the product GUID and enable support for installation updates (optionally set the tool to ignore the language when upgrading the package and to block from downgrade). Plus, you can specify a command, URL or path to a program to be run before or after install or uninstall, customize supported operating systems and the MSI install mode (e.g. force all files to be installed, regardless of version), as well as edit summary and support information. Once a project is active, you can add new files, folders and shortcuts, insert registry keys and user environment variables (e.g. create if it doesn exist), as well as add services and check out a log file. EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise also lets you use a search function, decompile MSI packages, repair missing file links, as well as customize uninstall filters which revolve around the file system and registry. The application requires a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes a help file with online tutorials for all user levels. We have not come across any difficulties throughout our testing; EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise did not freeze, crash or display error dialogs.

Requires: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent (2 GHz recommended)
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
250MB of free disk space (500 MB recommended)
.NET Framework 2.0 (3.5 SP 1 recommended)

Category: Authoring tools|Setup creators
Size: 12 mb
Developer: EMCO

Aplus FLV to RMVB Converter 32bit Free Download

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This application is your post, n, which was annoying cause; ceremonies to be an instrument m The front is perfect with your post, a way to convert Flash Video (FLV) into RMVB. Aplus FLV to RMVB Converter uh powerful RMVB converter conversion speed with your posts, NR asked the front and good quality. Simple and intuitive interface makes the program very easy to use.The speed DR Front STIC and ease of use S Check the interface to make this tool to act as a point in the crowd.

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Review: Aplus FLV to RMVB Converter is a simple-to-use program which allows you to encode video files with various extensions (e.g. MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, ASF) to the RMVB format. The interface of the application is very plain and simple to navigate through. Videos can be imported into the queue by using the file browser only, since the drag and drop method is not supported. Batch conversion is possible. In the list you can check out the name, duration, target type and status of each file. After you specify the output location, you can initiate the encoding process. Aplus FLV to RMVB Converter runs on a moderate amount of system resources and can take a while to finish a conversion job, even in the case of short-length files. However, it manages to maintain a very good image and sound quality in the RMVB videos. The destination folder is automatically opened after all files have been converted. On the other hand, you cannot configure any kind of audio and video settings (e.g. frame rate, aspect ratio, sampling rate, channels, volume). Plus, Aplus FLV to RMVB Converter temporarily becomes unresponsive to commands if you try canceling tasks. Even so, we recommend this tool to all users who are looking for a straightforward video conversion program.

Requires: Intel Pentium II 350MHz or above
64 MB RAM or above

Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Version: 5.48
Size: 12 mb
Developer: Aplus software Inc

Auto Macro Recorder Master2227 Free Download

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Auto Macro Recorder’s use navigation n navigation, the use of macros, all you have to do on your computer to record, then repeat it as you wish to be useful for applications. Very easy to use! Pick up only – Save – Replay 3 steps.You any program don m SSEN use navigation experience. This tool (macro recorder) but ouml, operating data, all records Xenical can be automatically saved to a file and a script adaptation ouml can script file Xenical change and play it back manually. Automatically often, what you do or to repeat the test, so you do not stare at the computer. If you already have
E programmer, m navigation advantage of these cats.

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Review: Auto Macro Recorder is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name – it allows you to record and schedule automated tasks on your computer which don require the users input. It can be easily installed and set up. Once the program is initialized, Auto Macro Recorder places an agent in the system tray area to provide easy access to its features. By opening the right-click menu, you can go to the Option screen and start setting task parameters. Therefore, you can configure repeat options when it comes to the repeat times and interval, as well as modify recording properties in matter of the mouse operations and key strokes. Furthermore, you can make Auto Macro Recorder automatically run at system startup and to display a notification when the replay is done. But you can also adjust the replay speed and use hotkeys to quickly replay the task and to stop it, enable left hand user mode, as well as schedule and launch tasks via the Schedule Tasks area of Windows. All recorded activity is automatically saved to a script file (which can be set to automatically run). The program runs on a very small quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes a help file available. Auto Macro Recorder did not hang, crash or display error dialogs during our evaluation; we have not come across any problems. However, the tool is not very intuitive and its interface is outdated. No recent updates have been made to the app.


Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Version: 5.84
Size: 12 mb
Developer: ReadmeSoft

Windows Vista Free Download

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Windows VistaWindows Vista torrent

Windows Vista is now available for IT professionals and developers with MSDN and TechNet on the brief. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will start the Windows Vista Customer Preview (CPP) for the development and IT professionals who are not members of the customer service. Windows Vista comes with a breakthrough user experience and is designed to help you feel confident ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computer experimentation. Visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. Desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidence themselves. Windows Vista has been engineered to be the most secure version of Windows yet. New features in Windows Vista to help you control and confidence you need to Get the most out of your PC. For organizations with complex desktop infrastructure, whether big or small bits, Windows Vista Enterprise operating system designed specifically to help realize a return on IT investment. In this VHD, you will have the opportunity to test the new roads and improve overall management (eg Mui, BDD, etc) good (like search, navigation, etc) and security (UAC, Windows Defender, etc.), an upgrade to the Windows Vista platform.

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Review: Microsoft is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to computer operating systems, since Windows runs on the majority of PCs worldwide, in the flavor preferred by its users. Officially launched in 2007, Windows Vista can be considered a great leap forward compared to its predecessor, Windows XP. Vista brought numerous new features and improvements, the most important one being its revamped graphical user interface meant to assist beginners to find their way around a computer with greater ease than before. Also, the search function is enhanced, along with the split screen functionality and a redesigned Start menu. Another innovation is the Aero style which brings transparency, animations and live thumbnails to the otherwise static Windows OS, thus making it both visually appealing and more intuitive. Windows Vista is the first Microsoft operating system to introduce sidebar gadgets, small applets that act as standalone applications and which can also be downloaded and installed from third-party sources. Unlike regular apps, these gadgets are focused on a single purpose, and can complete only basic functions (such as a calendar, RSS reader, email notifier and so on). When developing Vista, Microsoft focused on security and stability, so UAC and Windows Defender were integrated within the OS. User Account Control enables users to control which programs are allowed to run (it is recommended to execute only the software that comes from certified sources), so that malicious tools can be blocked before harming the host PC. Unlike XP, Vista is less vulnerable to attacks and malware infections. Regarding the updated aspects of the OS, most of the Windows built-in applications got optimized and redesigned, including Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player, Windows Mail (which replaced Outlook Express) or the Games Explorer. Even though Vista is gradually replaced by Windows 7 and the newer Windows 8, it remains a breakthrough in terms of innovation and improvement, and it was a necessary stage towards creating a secure, user-friendly and feature-packed operating system.

Requires: Microsoft Virtual PC
Virtual Server
In addition to the System Requirements for the virtualization product, you will need additional disk and memory resources for running the virtual machine. This VHD is pre-configured to use approximately 10GB of hard disk space and approximately 1024MB of

Category: Others|Miscellaneous
Version: 1.2
Size: 811 mb
Developer: Microsoft

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I’ll there is no service you upload the directory raz your post, n allowing you to level with them. I’ll M Front is powerful for your post promotions, n the RSS and the role of customer service, and time itself. The first of its kind presentation for your post, n automatically RSS feeds, em how m Front is r Front beg and reliable to undergo m Front is 140 Search History engines.RSS uses a mixed system of submissive otilde; are automatic Front cies and AUTOMOCIO your post, n present a p | page that automate the process of presentation your post; n your RSS feeds, publishing your post to, n of their content, and they proved that the results received. I’ll an ugly cat. He allowed the man to enter things to your website service you upload the directory is detected on their sites and you’ll find RSS feeds Lorem. Integrating your post, and n of the Estate iacute; stic track allows access to your RSS feeds even Christ, Technorati, from the software. I will dwell in it, and manage your RSS feeds in a password View time dwarf Front lysis.

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Requires: Internet Connection

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PDF to DWG ConverterPDF to DWG Converter torrent

PDF to DWG Converter is a standalone application. This program will help you convert PDF to DWG and DXF to PDF file format. AutoDWG creates editable DWGs for type vector PDF files, for example, PDF files to AutoCAD DWG driven plot or files. Lines and arcs can be removed or edited, as the original AutoCAD drawing. Scale for conversion is 1: 1, the test is one of the original small PDF, but it may be the same for the original DWG, that depends on what this standard is to create PDF files from CAD drawings of the original. This is because PDF files do not store the PDF scale information for the original painting comes from. Drawings converts information PDF vector stored, and the scale is dependent on the page size, image resolution, DPI, etc. So, when you get drawings scale formation correct, please calculate what you need, for example, using a scale of 1: 1, the creation of 100 units line in DWG, however it should be 25 units, then you can enter the level of 0.25, and then try to switch again. Then you can use this to change the size of these paintings and drawings are the same. This software offers a trial period of 15 days, the period begins when the first time the application has been downloaded and installed. Please click on the continue button to see how it works, do not ask for the registration code. If it displays
emained day 0, this means that the trial period has expired, please consider ordering online, and we offer a 15 day guarantee for repayment. Alternatively, you can email / send me the file for review, and will return the converted drawing you back.

Torrent Size: 12 Mb

Review: PDF to DWG Converter is a software that can turn Portable Document Format PDF files into 3D drawings. The user interface of the program is represented by a standard window. You can insert a PDF by using the file browser (the drag and drop method is not supported). On the left side of the screen you can preview each page of the PDF document. You can set the output destination, format and file version (e.g. AutoCAD 2004), as well as set the page range (the current page, all of them or particular ones). In addition, you can select how to handle scanned or embedded images (import a scanned image directory or convert the scanned image to a vector object), set the image background color (white or black), and others. The advanced settings can also be configured when it comes to the output scale (optionally enable scale to fit), the conversion of all PDF pages into a single DWG file, as well as line width. Once the conversion is completed, you can preview the results within PDF to DWG Converter, zoom in and out, use a pan tool and set layers. The program takes up a low amount of system resources, includes a step-by-step tutorial with snapshots and quickly finishes a conversion task. We haven encountered any technical problems during our tests. All in all, PDF to DWG Converter certainly seems equipped with the necessary tools for converting PDF to DWG and DXF files. However, it needs to improve its stability and results.

Requires: PII 450 or greater, works with X86 computer systems, 32bit and 64bit CPU.
128MB or higher, upper than 512MB is recommended.
around 10 MB free spaces.

Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Image Convertors
Version: 3.1
Size: 12 mb
Developer: AutoDWG

Nothing like an outdoor show…

Erick Sodhi Photography

Erick Sodhi Photography

We’re playing the Merrickville Fair August 9 with Munson opening. Music starts 2pm; we’ll be on around 3pm. There are tons of cool events (including a mechanical bull!) — and it’s only a short drive from Ottawa. For more information about the fair and directions, visit
http://merrickvillefairboard.vpweb.ca/. Want to see us closer to home? We’re playing July 25 at The Mill Tavern and August 8 at James Street Pub.